Fountain Pen Companion

Fountain Pen Companion

A podcast about fountain pens and related stationery items.

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    Episode 8 - Top 3 of 2018

    Jim Khouri joins us and we discuss our top 3 stationery items from 2018.

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    Special Episode 1 - The Pen Addict Interview

    For our first special, Ana interviews The Pen Addict at the 2018 DC Pen Show. They talk about the people in DC, pens, paper, pen cases, and all the amazing things that happen in DC.

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    Episode 5 - Oh La La!

    For our first episode after our summer breaks, the Fountain Pen Companion welcomes Jim (Robojim) to talk about the San Francisco Pen Show, and travelling with pens and ink.

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    Episode 1 - Nobody cares about the swans

    In our 1st episode of the Fountain Pen Companion podcast, we discuss what we are consuming, new stuff, ink mixing, how we got into the hobby and the Empty Ink Bottle Challenge.

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